Are You Paying Too Much For Your House Insurance?


Your long list of household bills will more than likely include a pretty hefty insurance bill every month. When you own a house you must by law have building insurance, and you will also need to make sure that the contents of your house are adequately covered by your contents insurance. With the cost of insurance sky-rocketing it can be hard to meet the payments every month, but the good news is that you could be paying a lot less if you shopped around a little. An hour or so on the internet may be all it takes to dramatically reduce your insurance bills, so if you are concerned that you may be paying too much then it’s time you read our article to find out what you could do to reduce them. Here’s how to do it:

Work Out What You Are Paying Already

Your first step is to dig out all of the relevant paperwork and figure out how much your insurance bill is in total every month, combining your buildings and your insurance. When you have that total figure it’s time to figure out where you could be making savings. Make sure you are insured for the correct amount on both policies – being underinsured can mean that you’ll lose out in the event of a loss.

Research Online

Once you are clear on what you are paying every month, it’s time to start carrying out some essential research. Go online and have a look at loads of insurance comparison sites and see who is coming up at the top of the lists. You’ll then need to get a quote from any companies that you are particularly interested in. You can either do this online or over the phone – whichever you’d prefer. When you are getting your quote it’s important to remember that you may well get far more favourable prices if you combine your buildings and contents insurance and take them both out through one company. Keep a pen and paper to hand so that you can make a note of all of your quotes, and don’t commit to anything until you have had time to compare all of the quotes on a like for like basis.

Ask Friends & Experts

Another way to find out who is offering the best insurance deals is to speak with your friends and family. Who do they use, and who would they recommend? They may also be able to tell you about companies that they have had bad experiences with and therefore think you should avoid. You may also find it useful to speak to an insurance broker who can do much of the investigation and research for you.

Once you have found the best possible deal for you it’s worth speaking to your existing insurance company and asking them if they can match the price. If they can’t then it’s time to wave goodbye and terminate your contract with them. It’s really worth shopping on home insurance comparison sites as insurance rates can vary wildly and you could be getting a far better deal elsewhere.

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