Is an expunction right for me?


Anyone who has a criminal record knows just how much it can impact their life. Even the simplest cases of misdemeanor such as driving under the influence (DUI) can hurt your chances of securing a job with certain employers, obtaining a commercial license, or even win custody of your child. However negligible your criminal record may seem, it will always pop up on background checks and count against you in employment screening, unless, of course, your record has been expunged or sealed.

Yes – all adult criminal records that haven’t been expunged or sealed are public. It is the only way to get around being profiled for you criminal past in Florida.

Sealed records, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, are “hidden” in highly restricted areas while expunged records are removed from the record files or systems and destroyed for good. Once your Orlando criminal lawyer obtains your expunction, you can legally fail to admit the conviction enumerated in the expunction.

That said, the right to deny a conviction that has been concealed by an expunction might not apply in some cases. Here are situations in which you are not allowed to renounce an expunged case:

  • If you are about to be hired by a criminal justice agency
  • If you are in court facing criminal charges
  • When seeking to have another conviction – whether related or unrelated – expunged or sealed
  • If you are on the verge of being admitted to The Florida Bar
  • Seeking licensing, employment, or a contract with; a local state agency charged with licensing child care facilities; any private or public school; the Department of education; a position which allows you to interact directly with children under the age of 18; the Department of Juvenile Justice; and the Department of Children and Family Services.

While these may seem like too many exceptions to take into account, the benefits of criminal record expunction easily outweigh whatever is on the flipside. Here’s why you should consider getting an expunction in Florida:

1. To lead a better-quality life

A criminal history can create an impression that is not a true reflection of the person you are. Expunctions helps you lead a normal life by blocking schools, universities, and colleges, potential employers, and landlords from your record.

2. To obtain a state license

Some jobs can only be secured if you can provide a state license. Expunctions help you apply for the license without fear of being met with a rejection.

3. To apply a loan

Expunctions block banks and other financial institutions from accessing your past convictions. That is one less reason for your loan application to be rejected.

4. Juvenile delinquency

Most minor crimes by juveniles are committed without consideration for the repercussions. A stupid mistake you did several years ago is the last thing you want to get in the way of an employment opportunity or haunt your life in any way. Hire a criminal attorney today to help you apply for the expunction of your criminal record.