Rental Lease Agreement Forms – Types of Restrictions to Include


A Rental Lease Agreement sets out every rule that tenants and landlords agree to abide by in the rental relationship. This is a legal agreement and the document is highly practical, given that these have important business information – such as the period for which the property can be occupied by the tenant and how much rent is due every month. Whether your rental agreement is of one page or more than 5 pages in length, it has to encompass all the basic tenancy terms. Know about the types of restrictions to include in the forms.

Illegal activity restrictions for tenants

If you wish to prevent issues among tenants, prevent damage to property and reduce your risks of being exposed to lawsuits from neighbors and residents, you need to include an explicit rental agreement or lease clause that prohibits turbulent behavior, drug usage, illegal activities, too much noise etc.

Pet restrictions

If you have reservations on pets, make sure that the subject is clearly mentioned in the lease agreement or Rental Agreement Forms. In case you permit pets, you have to mention any specific restrictions – like a limit on the number, type and size of pets or a demand that the tenant should eliminate all types of animal wastes from the yard. All types of restrictions about pets have to be mentioned in the agreement. You may download lease agreement Ohio here.

Other Restrictions

Make sure that your rental agreement or lease agreement abides by all the relevant laws that include antidiscrimination laws, occupancy rules, safety and health codes, ordinances on rent control etc. Any other type of legal restriction, like limitations on the kind of business that might be run by a tenant from home also needs to be mentioned in the rental or lease agreement. The agreement should specifically mention vital regulations and rules that cover the use of parking spot and other common spaces. Get rental agreement form here online for free.