Significant Tips to Save On Hotels and Flight Fares


While going on a vacation it is important to book right and save massively on vacation expenses such as accommodation or flights.

The first step is to think wisely about the destination you desire to visit by considering seasonal guides and some advance planning.

Tips to save on hotel rooms

  • Use comparison site – Comparison websites allow you to sift through all the hotel prices in your destination. You can refine your search based on facilities, stars and user rating.
  • Call the hotel – websites sometimes ignore the regulatory taxes or fees. Call the particular hotel and ask before booking.
  • Bargain – Even prices can vary from one site to another, so call and enquire about their prices. It is appropriate to negotiate for room rates. You can tactfully put in your price, which can get a receptive answer. You can even bargain for a free breakfast.
  • Look for discounts – Several hotels launch special offers regularly during off-season. Some resorts have membership cards that can give you an advantage to enjoy special perks.
  • Eat elsewhere – Breakfast, lunch and dinner is often expensive. You can find a place nearby, where you can probably eat meals and have breakfast for much less.
  • Remember transport expenses – The cheaper hotel may be far away from places of attraction, which could cost you more on transportation going from one place to another. Therefore, it will be better to pay more for accommodation in a convenient location.
  • All-inclusive holiday packages – Deals that include organized tour, hotels and flights are overall cheaper.

Tips to save on flights

  • Book in advance – Booking cheap business flight tickets about 4 to 5 months beforehand is much reasonable than booking tickets some days before your departure date.
  • Low-fare email alerts – Sign up for low-fare email alerts to a particular destination. You may get plenty of other e-mails, but it is worth the saving.
  • Know when airfares are lowest – Fares are highest on weekends. Even late night and early morning flight fares are reasonable. Therefore, survey for specific interested routes, for several weeks regularly before booking, to get an idea on the ticket costs. Thus, you can recognize a sale deal, when it appears.
  • Be flexible with travel dates – Holidays, events, weekends, time of the year are the factors that influence flight tickets. Be flexible to buy tickets on dates, when you can save hundreds.
  • Check on the preferred airline website – Sometimes, the price on aggregator’s website is more than their own website. It is a way to tempt customers to book directly.
  • Try different routes – Major airports include extra taxes and fees that are added to your flight tickets. You can take a different route and save.
  • Travel credit card – On signing up, travel credit cards give you points, which can be converted into miles and earn discounts on flight tickets.

When you go on a holiday, it is wise to research on cheap business class flights over the net to get good deals. With the tips given above, you can make considerable savings on accommodation and flight fares.