Why You Need To Get Your Own Domain Name


For last three years I requested myself:

“Must I buy my very own domain?”

“What’s going to be my roi (Return on investment)?”

“Let’s say my domain does not rank searching engines? Otherwise, then why I ought to spend $10 onto it?”

I had been confused. It’s not which i could not spend $10 to purchase my very own domain. However I was unsure by what effect it might bring rather free domain and hosting from services like Blogger, WordPress.

It required me three years to convince myself that owning domain is preferable to free domain. I purchased my domain name only a month before out of this writing.

I provide you with 10 explanations why opt for buying yourself own domain:

1. Memorable

Should you own your domain name you’ll be unique with this name on the web. It will likely be simpler to keep in mind than free domain names.

2. Reliability and effectiveness

For a moment have your personal domain name, you signal the content towards the visitors you have responsibilities for this domain. With this particular trust they’ll spend some time inside your blog/site greater than any free site.

3. Do anything you like

For those who have a totally free domain, your siteOrwebsite could be closed with no further notice. However if you simply have your personal domain name, you select where you love to host your articles. If you don’t like every hosting service, you are able to re-locate and opt-in for an additional without losing internet search engine ranking.

4. Capability to retain ranking and traffic

If you have your personal domain, you are able to re-locate to higher website hosting (hosting company is to keep the site or blog happy to display on internet) without having to worry about ranking and traffic to your website. On the other hand, with free domain name, should you change from someone to another, you lose people to your brand-new site.

5. Owning your personal content that you’ve labored difficult to create

With your personal domain name, along with your own website hosting, you’ll be in charge of the blog or site, and eventually have full control for your content.

6. Website improvement and how to be located by search engines like google

Certainly, your personal domain name functions being an authority for the blog or site towards search engines like google. Search engines like google credit towards the principle domain name. For instance, for those who have a totally free domain located on Blogger, internet search engine will rank Blogger rather of the blog.

Together with your proprietary domain, you provide search engines like google to index your website with increased authority and credibility.

7. Your personal domain is an efficient tool to brand yourself

When you have to show your personal focus on internet, owning your domain name is easily the most sensible way. For example, when you’re an artist, designer (fashion, architecture), author, professional photographer or anyone who must show potential employers your awesome work, your personal domain name will behave like a card for them. By using it, you allow them the thought of professionalism, reliability , credibility.

8. You are able to monetize your site or site together with your domain name if you want

The good thing is (only if you wish to), if you wish to earn money online, with your personal domain name, you are able to show advertisement or become a joint venture partner to earn money.

However, this can not occur overnight and requires some serious work at your disposal before you decide to see actual money flow. But you do not know what is incorporated in the future.

With your personal domain name your credibility increases towards the visitors in addition to somebody that seeks professional service. They might find your site helpful to employ you.

9. Purchase before someone else buys the domain name

It will likely be greatly regretting that sooner or later you choose to purchase your favourite domain name and discover that it’s already taken.

In addition, once anybody purchases your favourable domain name, it will likely be forget about open to you to buy as new domain (unless of course the domain is perfect for purchase). The more serious part, he/she helps make the domain name either well-known or potentially more unlucky. But, you can’t do anything whatsoever.

Therefore, act before another person has got the domain name and employ it for his/her advantage.

10. A domain name is super cheap

For well-known top-level domains, for instance, com, spent maximum $1 monthly for registering your domain with a decent domain registrar. That’s less expensive than coffee in Starbucks!


Effortlessly to setup and economical to purchase, I certainly recommend you to definitely register and own your personal domain name. With $1 monthly, it is among the best investments you’d do, certainly for lengthy run.

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