Consulting Proposals – How to Get the Edge


If you run a consultancy of any kind, you will already know that your proposals are a key component to winning a contract. How you present your package to the potential client will largely determine whether or not your proposal is accepted, and while content is everything, the way in which you deliver it plays a major role in the outcome.

Making Good Use of Technology

This can give you the edge over your rivals, as all contenders would likely be proposing similar actions, and by using a state-of-the-art consulting proposal template from an online provider, you will have the perfect platform to deliver your business proposition. This enables you to seamlessly embed high quality video and images for maximum effect, and with a cloud-based system, you can work on the proposal whenever you want, and from any location; all you need is a device and an Internet connection and you’re good to go.

Use Interactive Pricing

Finding a price that suits both buyer and seller is the name of the game, and with cloud based interactive pricing, the client can find out what each stage of the project would cost. Engaging the client means you are taking the relationship to the next level and if you structure the proposal correctly, the client will have a very clear picture of exactly what you are proposing.

Global Access

The great thing about using the cloud is that authorised team members can gain access wherever they may be, and they don’t need bulky software installed on their devices, simply login and you can work on the project. Team collaboration is critical when putting together complex proposals and with a cloud-based template, everyone is always on the same page and can edit at will, as well as share project related data. The online template system also allows the team to communicate in real time, another benefit that we have digital technology to thank for. Let’s face it, it isn’t productive to have team members sending each other different edits of the same file, and with a cloud-based system, everyone can add to the proposal.

Free Trial

The provider would be so confident their product ticks all the boxes, they would likely allow you to try the template system for a limited period. You should have full access to the many powerful tools, which should be enough to convince you to get onboard. There is an almost unlimited number of professional template designs, created with specific industries in mind, ensuring that your proposal really does stand out. The easy to use interface gives you access to powerful tools and adding content couldn’t be easier, with all formats recognised, you can build the perfect proposal.

If you would like to explore the potential of online business proposal templates, all it takes to start the ball rolling is an online search. Get ahead of your competitors by using a powerful online resource to design and build your proposals and see an increase in conversions.