Learn About Types of Business Loans: Is Short Term Right for You?


If you read the words carefully, the words describing any product or service, you can determine exactly what you’ll get for the money you invest. Unfortunately, people have the tendency to glance at the name or the phrase and switch immediately to the notions they have already in their minds. You definitely should not make this mistake when you’re looking for a business loan.

The second item you should focus on is the specific type of business loan you need. Don’t be misled by someone who tells you that there’s only one path to get the results you deserve. If you hear, “I give you $xxxx and you pay me back $xxxx,” this doesn’t tell you anything about the rate of interest you’ll pay (unless you do the math yourself) or the term of the loan.

Those Specific Loans

You should be able to shop from among a list of three or four loan types including fast loans, equity loans, and unsecured loans. The fourth type you might want to learn about is short term business loans. When you see or hear this phrase, you should think first of convenience and cost-effectiveness. This may be the perfect tool for you to handle the everyday stress points in business such as payroll, inventory, building and utility costs, and so on.

If you’re similar to most business owners, you occasionally find yourself in a position of having, as the comedian said, “Too much month at the end of the money”. At this point, you should open the door to a loan for your business that is designed to give you quick access to funds that will be paid back almost as quickly. When you’re in the business of producing a profit (who isn’t?), it’s best to avoid long-term interest rates that build the payment cost.


Now, there is another factor to keep in mind when you need money for the operations account. You don’t have to wait for a classic bank to make their loan decision. You can visit the website maintained by a leader in the loan industry and, in some cases, have your money in short order. You can even get a yes-or-no answer in as short a time as five minutes. These loans can have a one-month term or range up to 36 months and are usually applied to amounts up to $50,000.

A short-term loan can be the perfect answer for the established business that needs money to get through a specific period of time. But, this type of loan can also work for someone who is just starting up. In both cases, it may be possible to have funds available in two or three days, if not sooner. When you need operating money, or money for more inventory, or to get started, think short term.